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business englisch
Business English for Personal Assistants and Administrative Staff
business englisch für den Handel
Communicating with Your Team
braking barriers
braking barriers - when presenting to an international audience
braking barriers presenting dor companies
braking barriers presenting for university
braking barriers - in perception and communication
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breaking barriers - in perception and communication
Kommunikation verstehen – Fehlwahrnehmungen erkennen – Missverständnisse vermeiden

The way we interact and communicate forms our perception of each other. We talk
and behave in ways that feel natural and appropriate to us. However, we often
misinterpret each other's actions and words because of our different personalities
and cultural backgrounds. How can we break up such barriers and minimize

This seminar aims to show how interaction and communication works or fails to
work across cultures. It will give our participants the opportunity to understand and
actively practise the following aspects of intercultural communication:

  • Understanding how communication works
  • Understanding cultural differences
  • Interpreting different communication styles and rituals
  • Identifying potential problem areas and perceptual errors
  • Stereotyping and misjudgements of situations and behaviours
  • Skills and techniques to avoid misunderstandings
  • Developing open attitudes and flexible behaviours

  • Kursformat, Termine, Buchung, weitere Infos
    Seminarformat 1 ½ Tage (12 UE à 45 Min.) oder 2 Tage (16 UE)
    Termine firmenintern in Absprache
    English Level mind. B 2 (Mittelstufe/Fortgeschritten)
    Teilnehmer Gruppen von mind. 6 bis max.12
    Kursort firmenintern
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